What is mobilephotography.de?

Mobile photography has taken the world by storm over the last three years. Mobile photography is the process of capturing photos using a smartphone or a tablet (e.g., iPhones and iPads). The rapid development of photographic technologies on mobile devices, as well as the nearly endless possibilities through available filter apps has not only led to a sheer mass of snapshots, but to a broad and in part very high-class photographic culture. The iPhone is currently the most used camera in the world, and millions and millions of snapshots are taken and shared with it every day. However, the number of photographers that know how to use the full potential of this tool is limited. Mobile photography and its sharing platforms create totally new possibilities of expression, in the workflow and in communication. With simply the tip of our fingers it is possible to capture the great and small moments and to create a completely new picture language.

This development has changed our lives, and we are very excited about it. And, we want to grasp the opportunity to shape it! We see the world with different eyes; a particular detail, a scene, a special light, great colors, interesting people – we are always seeing the next picture! That is then we press the shutter. We share the moment and curiously wait for feedback. While we wait, we discover the images of mobile photographers around the globe, and get to know their world across language barriers. Mobile photography has us hooked. We are now part of a global community that shares and learns from each other. We communicate on the Internet and even meet other photo enthusiasts personally, often becoming friends. We are fascinated by this new, creative mode of photography that connects us.

We are excited!

Mobilephotography.de was created so we can share this passion with you! Mobilephotography.de will be a space to inform you about recent developments, new apps, current hardware, add-ons, events, great photographers, new trends and the community. In addition, we want to organize workshops in the future, as well as collective photo walks, competitions, exhibitions and events, so that we may foster the dynamics of the community and to generate more attention and appreciation for mobile photography. We look forward to your feedback!

Your team at mobilephotography.de